Kellogg Co. showed themselves and stepped into the spotlight by announcing that they were pulling all advertising from because it’s “reader’s values don’t align with our company values”.  You can say that again.  Besides the fact that most of their products are terribly unhealthy, what else is Kellogg’s up to?

  • Big donor to George Soros, Open Society and Tides Center.
  • Supporter and cheerleader of Fidel Castro.
  • Donated at least $900,000 to Black Lives Matter.
  • Amnesty International claims Kellogg’s are abusers of child labor.
  • Plenty of GMO’s.

Breitbart called for a boycott of Kellogg’s in 2016 after asking the question, “What are Kellogg’s values if they are so different from that of our readers?”

A brand list and source links are below.  Be aware, they make many products, not just cereal.  For cereal shopping it is best to check the box label due to inordinate number of Kellogg’s cereals produced.





Brand Source:  Wikipedia 

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