The Avengers

The Avengers director Joss Whedon is working overtime to avenge the loss of Hillary Clinton.  I’m sure her loss is embarrassing for him.  After all, he created a Super PAC to support Hillary and then got his avenging actor friends to star in videos lecturing us about how we should vote.

Participants in the first video: Robert Downey Jr.,  Scarlett Johansson,  Keegan-Michael Key,  Matt McGorry,  Mark Ruffalo,  James Franco,  Cobie Smulders,  Julianne Moore,  Yvette Nicole Brown,  David Harbour,  Veronica Osorio,  Clea Duvall,  Bradley Whitford,  Tavi Gevinson,  Ashley Johnson,  Stanley Tucci,  Leslie Odom Jr.,  Nathan Fillion,  Rosie Perez,  Tom Lenk,  Taran Killam,  Cathy Porras,  Joel Landson,  Randall Park,  Clark Gregg,  Don Cheadle,  Neil Patrick Harris,  Jesse Williams, and Martin Sheen.

You can check out the videos on YouTube under Save The Day.Vote channel.  Subjects include, “Important”, “NRA”, and “Business Man”.

Since Hillary’s loss, Whedon has become more unhinged.  He attacked Nicole Kidman on twitter, referring to her as a puppet for Trump.  Her offense?  During an interview she answered, “Trump was elected and the country should support the President.”

Most recently Joss Whedon referred to Ivanka Trump as a dog, a Pekingese, to be precise.

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