Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep  – Lying comes easy to this actress.  Streep appeared at the January, 2017 Golden Globes under the auspice of receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award.  Instead she went on a 6 minute tirade of lecturing to us peasants about the evils of Trump and went as far as to lie, stating that Trump had purposefully mocked disabilities (a disabled reporter).  That dog doesn’t hunt.  A large portion of the population has seen the evidence refuting this.  Trump’s imitations date back years, all are similar in nature, and are not directed simply at disabled folk.  Streep’s arrogant and pompous attitude is however, very offensive toward every day Americans who don’t live in the Hollywood constructed (aka fake) elitest bubble.  Meryl attempted to give an Oscar winning performance, fail.  I’m in the same camp as Kathryn Hepburn who once remarked that Streep wasn’t that great an actress because all of her roles are the same.

Meryl gave Roman Polanski, convicted child molester, a standing ovation in 2003 at the Academy Awards.  She also refers to herself as a rabid man-eating feminist.




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