84 Lumber

84 Lumber – really pisses me off.  Blah, blah, blah.  They produced a 5 minute commercial, 90 seconds of which aired during the 2017 Super Bowl.  The first cut submitted was rejected for being too political.  They’re trying to give it the hard sell.  My take on this commercial is that they like illegal immigrants for cheap labor and they’re hoping their customers feel the same.

Any person entering the United States should be greeted by a US official who can properly verify whether or not they are entitled to enter.  End of story.  But if that isn’t enough, the mother and daughter border jumping in this commercial are not representative of the many drug dealers, potential terrorists, and criminals who cross over every day.

Rob Schapiro, chief creative officer of 84 Lumber’s ad agency Brunner, told Business Insider the ad intended to make a “patriotic” statement and aimed to make the company a household name throughout the country as it expands and opens more stores in the US. Blah, blah, blah.

84 Lumber is a building materials supplier.  They carry, decking, lumber, doors, windows, siding, and many other types of building materials.