John McCain

John McCain – has gone too far too many times.  It’s time to get this rotten apple out of the spoiled barrel of politics.  Good people of Arizona, demand that John McCain retire and vacate his senate seat immediately.

This week in Germany, on foreign soil and in typical Jane Fonda fashion, McCain said the Trump administration is in disarray, as well as made the American people out to be both in favor of authoritarianism and resentful of immigrants.  McCain continues to twist and sell the false (we are all Nazis) narrative.

John McCain believes it acceptable if he bashes the press, but if Trump bashes the so-called press he’s a dictator.  McCain needs to understand the definition of the free press.  Trump is criticizing a few select groups of globalist media corporations that are spewing fake news, propaganda, and “analysis”.  I highly recommend watching this reminder on the corporate media machines vs true free press.  Here’s another.

Please watch Senator Rand Paul’s‘s response that we are lucky John McCain isn’t in charge, we can certainly agree with that.

John McCain visited Syria in 2012 and proclaimed that moderates made up the Syrian resistance, yet there is photographic evidence that he was actually meeting with ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  Recently, representative Tulsi Gabbard visited Syria and asks why the United States is supporting the terrorists in Syria.

McCain demands an act of war on Russia and it is clear that wars seem to follow him around.  McCain also admits to giving the fake Russian blackmail documents against Trump to the FBI.  As late as January 19, he is still hoping that Trump will be investigated on the idea of Russian interference into the election.

McCain’s ties to George Soros go back as far as 2001.  McCain founded the Reform Institute in order to receive money from Soros and was eventually forced to sever ties with the organization.

For fun, here is an analysis of Mr. & Mrs McGraham’s relationship.

McCain needs to step down.  He is a warmonger and dangerous to our self-interests.  His list of shady actions could go on for pages so I’ll continue to update as time allows.  The bottom line is that it is time for Arizona to insist that he retire for the good of the country.