Bruce Springsteen – is a special kind of jerk, the kind who bashes America on foreign soil.  In early 2017 he performed in Australia and said he was an embarrassed American and will join the resistance against Trump.  Springsteen has a history of being anti-American and leftist so his latest outburst is not a surprise. […]

The Avengers

The Avengers director Joss Whedon is working overtime to avenge the loss of Hillary Clinton.  I’m sure her loss is embarrassing for him.  After all, he created a Super PAC to support Hillary and then got his avenging actor friends to star in videos lecturing us about how we should vote. Participants in the first video: […]

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep  – Lying comes easy to this actress.  Streep appeared at the January, 2017 Golden Globes under the auspice of receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award.  Instead she went on a 6 minute tirade of lecturing to us peasants about the evils of Trump and went as far as to lie, stating that Trump had […]


Madonna – Never missing an opportunity to be vile & vulgar. Madonna appeared at Women’s March in Washington DC on January 21, 2017 her sing a longs included, Donald Trump suck a dick. I’m not your bitch. Plenty of fuck you’s to anyone who supports Trump And the pièce de résistance (because she really should move […]