“Let us Entertain You”  For some in the entertainment world they believe this means lecturing us plebs on politics.  Hint, we don’t equate memorizing lines or making vulgar gestures on stage with political genius.  The list of loud-mouth anti-American or hateful foul-mouthed entertainers is long.  This list will surely grow but let’s hope their popularity shrinks.

Madonna – In her latest rant, she admits to thinking an awful lot about blowing up the White House and by the way, fuck Trump supporters.  She seems stable.

Cher – said she would leave USA if Trump won…we are still waiting.

Miley Cyrus – She claims she doesn’t say things she doesn’t mean, and she means to move if Trump becomes President.  Don’t let the door hit ya.

Michael Moore – This creature is constantly stirring up the crazies on the left.  If there’s a protest, chances are Michael Moore is painting the signs.

Amy Schumer – Gives new meaning to unattractive.  Now that Trump has won we anxiously await her move to Spain.

Bruce Springsteen – is an embarrassed American in Australia.  So anti-American.

Barbara Streisand – Bye bye Barbara, Australia awaits, and please take the Clintons with you.

Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef is cheering the victory of anti-Trump protests including the violent UC Berkeley riot against Milo where many were injured.  She attended the Women’s March in DC and calls Trump a racist buffoon.